VISION: Pragyaavataran Educational Society (PEDSO), believes a wholesome and caring childhood, intellectually stimulating education followed by providing livelihood skills is the noblest way to fight deep-rooted poverty, social class oppression and exclusion. PEDSO reaches out practical care to orphans and free education to economically challenged kids, efficient vocational trainings to Teenage girls and hands on skills to young adults through project based services.

MISSION: Wants to fight lopsided economics through its institutional care. That lack of opportunity not be the cause for a child left behind, or reason for a girls dream to not fulfill. So that poverty not be the barrier or obstruction, the PEDSO model of serving communities through a collected pool of resources and endowments from the Global patrons is giving hope. Hope for a new generation to compete in market challenges and be vital contributor to long term economic growth and expand the circle of goodwill to the other lesser fortunate.