UDBHAV or “to arise from” converges with the National Mission of a “SKILLED INDIA”. Pragyavataran’s focus is

  1. Sustainable Livelihoods
  2. Overseas Employment &
  3. Training for Trainers.

Kindled from a unique platform of Green Educational campuses and Classrooms. Pragyavataran’s ideology to move educational campuses away from Grids is Model many demand for conversion into infrastructure across the Nation.

India faces a severe shortage of well-trained, skilled workers. It is estimated only 2.3% of the Workforce has undergone skills training as compared to 68% un UK, 75% in Germany, 52% in USA, 80% in Japan and 96% in South Korea. Through Pragvavataran’s Green Educational Campus Model, Adolescent girls get trained in English Language Skills, various Jobs Functions of Retail and Fashion designing.

Contribute to Monthly clothing and Skills coaching expenditure of Trainee Adolescent Girls help them have Long Term Fixed Deposits.