Pragyavataran Educational Soceity (PEDSO) is Registered under the Uttar Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 1860 is a not for profit NGO, which implements Day School Education programs with Children and Life-skills education for Girls. The PEDSO ‘ANANDAM’ project of informal primary schooling and ‘Manna’ mid-day meal is a effort under the ‘no child left behind’ theme. PESDO’s new Institutional chapter of the ‘UDBHAV’ Life-skills initiative offers jobs markets trainings to teenage girls and young adults, supports skill driven Self Help Groups (SHG’s) in Gejha Village, SK-1 and SK-2 settlements of NOIDA, GautamBudh Nagar U.P.

Within PEDSO’s Half Acre (1950 sq. meters) Campus in Sector 93, NOIDA, is managed an Informal School “Anandam” that provides free of cost primary education and ‘MANNA’ Mid-Day Meals to 80-100 Children of adjoining settlements.

PEDSO realizes that India has 42 percent of the world’s underweight children. The school dropout rate is as high as 60 percent. Anandam greets 70-100 kids of adjoining settlements from 12.00 Noon to 5.00 P.M. on weekdays, who escape the odds of assisting adults at work and are driven by an incentive of a Hot Freshly Cooked Nutritious meal. “Anandam” is a customized Model of play and education where the “PRAGYA” concept of cultivating the gift of wisdom provided by nature is in practice. Nurturing and stoking child’s innate wisdom in these formative years, helps lay foundation of a b alanced and intelligent life. By Nourishing the Body, the “MANNA” mid-day meal scheme lets children fight Classroom Hunger, address food security, lack of nutrition and ensure consistent attendance in children whose families could not afford regular education.

“UDBHAV” LIFESKILLS PROGRAM FOR GIRLS: UDBHAV (to arise from) is a Life-skills program designed for Girls and young adults to receive practical vocational training to rise up to challenges of the Labour markets. Social mores, customs and lack of awareness dissuaded girls to aspire for Organised sector or contractual jobs, as limited literacy of Economy led them to find either comfort in informal jobs or were pushed against their wills to early marriage and out of the workforce.

More than 500 million people in India by 2022 need skilling/upskilling, Millions of New jobs in the opening Indian economy coupled with Government of India’s Nation wide skill development drive is ushering enormous opportunities for all sections of society regardless of class, religion and geography. The PEDSO campus and classroom facilities are designed to impart skills that help hundreds of girls overcome disproportionate economics and realize the dream of an empowered life for themselves and their future generations.

Noted Academician and founding Member Ms. Aditi Jain is the driving force behind the Informal Schooling and like-Skills training programs designed for girls from nearby settlements. Ms. Jain politely declined a teaching assignment in the USA (Nevada) to work with Children and Girls, support them climb out of illiteracy ignorance and lack of opportunity. Aditi Jain prefers a hands-on approach with PEDSO activities in her everyday schedule. She is member of the High Level, CABE Committee (Central Advisory Board of Education) of the Government of India, which is just one recognition of her illustrious career apart from the wide array of awards bestowed for her untiring contribution to education.