Apathy is the bothering flaw of Indian Private Practitioner Doctors. Moreover, the Indian Doctor-Patient ratio in rural areas is 1:20,000 versus the urban ratio of 1:2000. India loses 6% of its gross domestic product (GDP) annually to premature deaths and preventable illnesses. Even poorer neighbors such as Nepal and Bangladesh have a better health record compared to India. We know India has one of the highest disease burdens in the world; many more die in India than other countries. Non-Profit-Institutional Organizations like Pragyavataran are committed to bag a level playing field in Healthcare, where for Primary Healthcare, Indian Government spends only 30% of the Total Healthcare budget. In Rural and Tribal belts a staggering 70% of the Indian Population has no or limited access to Hospitals or Clinics.

The Nirmalbela movement will transform apathy of doctors with humanity as the cause; present access to world class diagnostics and medicine in reach of populations irrespective of geography & economic class.

Contribute to the Emergency Medicine Chest in Local Dispensaries, Women and elders Emergency Medical Fund and the Nirmalbela National Hospital Program and Medical Training Center


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