Pragyavataran Educational Society (PEDSO) is a Registered Indian Non-Governmental Organization established in 2003. PEDSO’s specialist experience with children age 5 onwards is through its two fold Institutional chapters, one of Formal School, another of volunteering free Informal Schooling for children of settlers. By engag- ing with children in twin dimensions of education and care and managing children’s ‘MANNA’ mid-day meal, PEDSO is continuously evolving superior learning tech- niques and guiding children to imbibe the unique wisdom gifted by nature, the wis- dom of pragya or knowledge that distills on its own into the child’s uncluttered mind in serenity and curiosity invoking surroundings. The Formal Day school’s financial proceeds pooled with gifts from parents and friends and patrons helps meet costs of the Day Informal School & Mid-Day Meals that fight classroom hunger and act as a incentive to continue education every new day.

Along PEDSO’s committed work with children, its new chapter in SKILL BUILDING is helping Girls of Ages 15-29 comprehend the benefits of Skills and job openings in the Formal and Organized sector, help break age old mind-sets of depending on low wage informal work, domestic work or following diktats of family patriarchs. The PEDSO identified select job functions within Trades of RETAIL and HEALTHCARE, will help trained girls find recruitment in the fast opening Economic sector of the Indian Economy.